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An underestimated coffee ingredient:water

Most of your cup of coffee is made up of water. Water as an ingredient therefore has more influence on the taste of your coffee than you might expect.

The influence of your water on coffee
How hard or soft your tap water is, has to do with how much lime there is in the water. Every coffee bean has an acidity. The coffee taste is created in combination with the hardness of the water.

How do I know if I have hard or soft water?
There are various overviews on which you can check the water hardness per location. You can also consult the website of your water supplier.

How do I make the perfect coffee?
There is unfortunately no definitive answer to this question. The perfect cup of coffee is different for everyone. Experiment with for example:

  • The amount of coffee per cup.
  • Different coffee beans
  • A water filter or well water.
  • A preheated coffee cup

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How do you make the perfect coffee?