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7 things you didn't know about Roquefort (the 5 is really cool)

1 You can eat it while sipping whiskey

Of course, Roquefort goes perfectly with a good red wine, but let's not forget that it also goes perfectly with sweet white wines and even with whisky, Armagnac or even Rhubarb wine!

2 It can be garnished with whipped cream (it's not a sin)

We know a priori the pairing of walnuts or pears with Roquefort. But, Roquefort allows a variety of combinations, each more surprising and explosive than the other:with chocolate, chestnut cream, toasted on gingerbread, with bananas, beetroot... More surprising again, whipped cream with Roquefort! Roquefort in sauce enhances meat and fish and brings a touch of intensity to your dishes.

3 The maturing cellars are larger than the village it comes from

The ripening of the cheeses takes place in the cellars of the village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, in Aveyron, in an area delimited by the Appellation of 2 km by 300 m. The surface area of ​​these cellars, over 11 floors, is greater than that of the village of Roquefort!

4 It's a seasonal cheese

Roquefort production is seasonal because it depends on the natural milk production cycle of Lacaune sheep. Thus, Roquefort is generally made between November and June (this can vary more or less until August) but thanks to the refining period of about 3 months, it can be eaten all year round!

5 There is powdered Roquefort

and even sliced ​​for hamburger and croque monsieur. With Roquefort for sprinkling (dry it looks similar to grated Parmesan) the recipe for express Roquefort pasta boils down to:cook the pasta -> sprinkle with Roquefort.

6. All Roqueforts are very different

The Appellation d’Origine Roquefort guarantees quality, origin, authenticity… Everyone is then free to choose the Roquefort that appeals to their taste buds the most:more or less creamy, intense, long in the mouth…. The 7 manufacturers have their little manufacturing secrets that allow you to choose the brand and the cheese adapted to each one.

7 This is a historic cheese

This year we celebrate the anniversary of the 1st Designation of Origin in history, obtained by Roquefort in 1925.