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Food:the Fruttini, this gourmet trend that will make you crack!

Summer is still here and so is the heat. We would not say no to a small refreshing snack full of gluttony! that's good, we've discovered the snack that will put your taste buds on the boil

The Fruttini, to try it is to adopt it!

Ice cream is a bit of an essential food to survive in the face of these scorching temperatures. We quickly get tired of classic vanilla or chocolate flavors and right now the place is for innovation. The timing is perfect because the editorial team has spotted an original, gourmet and refreshing food trend... In short, it ticks all the boxes required for this summer period.

No need to keep you languishing any longer, this new trend is Fruttini. Originally from Italy, this frosted trompe l'oeil arrives in France and is likely to seduce more than one.

But then what happened? Behind this name hides a frozen fresh fruit cut in half and filled with sorbet. A precisely homemade sorbet made from the pulp of the fruit in question.

Where to taste them?

Parisians are the luckiest because the brand that offers this variation of frozen fruits is located in the sixth arrondissement of the capital. This is the Haute Glacerie brand, ”Fruttini by Mo” which is the origin of this concept. The little extra? The fruits are organic and seasonal before being delicately transformed into vegan-friendly gourmet snacks. .

On the price side, it takes 3 euros for a lychee, 4.50 euros for a date or a nut and no less than 35 euros for a pineapple, mango or coconut to share.

So if you too are in the mood for a sweet break, you'll know where to go!

Where? Fruttini by Mo – 24 rue Saint-Placide – 6 th district of Paris

When? Open Monday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Rate: between 3 and 35 euros

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