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No more excuse to skip breakfast

At the Santé editorial office, we know how important it is to have breakfast. However, some of us sometimes skip it. That's why we've listed the most common excuses for skipping breakfast, with solutions.

I'm short on time
This is probably the most common excuse for not having breakfast.
Solution: Get up ten minutes earlier or eat your breakfast on the go. There are now handy take-away containers where you can take the yogurt and your muesli separately. This keeps the muesli nice and crispy.

I'm not hungry in the morning
There are non-breakfasts who are really not hungry in the morning. It is then difficult to eat breakfast.
Solution: Eating breakfast is a habit that you have to get used to. Start with a small breakfast and gradually increase it. You will notice that your appetite increases naturally in the morning.

After breakfast I am hungry again soon
Some people consciously skip breakfast because they feel that eating breakfast quickly makes them hungry again.
Solution: Breakfast anyway. Your digestion needs to get going in the morning and breakfast is really needed for that. If you have breakfast at seven in the morning, it is not surprising that you are hungry again in the middle of the morning. Then opt for a healthy snack.

I find breakfast boring and not tasty
You start the habit of breakfast in good spirits, but after a week you let it go again. Breakfast is so boring and not tasty…
Solution: Breakfast is as bland or delicious as you make it yourself. Try out different breakfasts and discover what you like.

Our web editor is up for the challenge
Shouldn't we ourselves lead by example? We got to try Quaker Complete. Our web editor Shirley used this moment to challenge herself:she had breakfast every morning for a week, no exceptions.

Shirley: 'Quaker complete is a grain mix of oatmeal, wheat and barley. I tried the variant with pecan and Brazil nuts, a nice crunchy muesli mix. You just need to add yogurt. That is ideal for me, because I prefer to be out the door as quickly as possible on workdays in the morning. By eating breakfast every day for a week, I have noticed that a breakfast ensures that my day starts a lot more relaxed. Even if I am at work half an hour later, I do have the feeling that I have already had time for myself in the morning.'

No more excuse to skip breakfast No more excuse to skip breakfast No more excuse to skip breakfast No more excuse to skip breakfast