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How do you cut an onion without getting teardrops?

You stand in the kitchen crying as if a drama just happened. Fortunately, you're just cutting one, but you should be able to do that without tears, right?

tears as soon as you put the knife in an onion? In short, gases are released, which when they come into contact with the moisture in your eyes form a burning sulfuric acid. Read more about cutting tear eyes through onions.

Tricks to cut onions without tearing eyes

  • Always use a sharp knife. This does not prevent tear eyes, but it can reduce the problem.
  • Hold the onion under water while you cut it.
  • Put on special onion glasses.
  • Cut the onion with a piece of bread hanging out of your mouth. This method has been tested by the Prevention website. Why it works That's not entirely clear. Some say the bread absorbs the gases before it reaches your eyes.