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With this tip you make your diet sustainable

With this tip you make your diet sustainable

What exactly can you do to make your diet sustainable? This tip will take you a long way!

Do you have the Veganuary challenge followed? Or are you more aware of what you eat at all? Nowadays we are all more and more aware of the products we eat and buy. But what exactly can we do to eat more sustainably and at the same time get all our necessary nutrients?

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Meanwhile, we know that cutting back on meat and dairy products makes a positive contribution to protecting our planet. We see messages everywhere that we should no longer eat/drink animal products in order to lend Mother Nature a hand. But do you have to live a vegan life to contribute?

Low food chain diet

Do you want to eat/drink more sustainably and consciously, but do you think the switch to a vegan diet is still a bit too intense? Then the low food chain diet might be for you. With this diet you eat products that are as low in the food chain as possible. Yes, that's a lot of plant-based products, but not all. You do not have the same 'restrictions' as with a vegan diet. You can also eat animal products that are low in the food chain. Think of seafood such as cockles and mussels, but insects are also on this list. Now we understand that you don't want to eat a grasshopper, but you can also find nutritious insects in the form of flour or through protein bars. So you don't eat completely vegan, but you do get the nutrients you need and you contribute to protecting our planet.

Do your best

The most important? Try not to set the bar so high for yourself. You are already doing your best to eat more sustainably and that is all you can do. After all, every little bit helps, so even if you don't (yet) eat/drink completely vegan, you do your part. Pay close attention to what you shop, eat all leftovers and do your best not to think too much about everything, after all, you can't do more than your best!