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Beat the egg whites easily with our advice.

Beat the egg whites easily with our advice.

How to whip egg whites easily?

Our advice will allow you to master this technique necessary in many cake recipes.

To start, get a salad bowl and an electric mixer. Your equipment must be impeccable for this operation.

Beat the egg whites easily with our advice.

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How to

1. Separate whites from yellows. Make sure you haven't left any traces of yolk as this may prevent the mixture from setting.

2. Once the whites are in the bowl, add a pinch of salt. This makes it easier for the whites to rise.

3. Then start beating slowly from bottom to top. The purpose of this operation is to aerate this substance as much as possible.

4. Speed ​​up as it solidifies.


There you go, you now know how to whip the egg whites easily :-)

The egg whites fall very quickly.

It is therefore imperative for the success of your cooking recipe to bring them up at the last moment.

Now that you know how to beat egg whites.

All you have to do is consult the recipe for our romantic chocolate dessert.

And to find out if your egg whites have whipped well, turn the bowl over:nothing should fall.