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And now, unicorn chocolate!

The unicorn madness never ends:after pajamas, toast, cakes, hair... it is in chocolate that they invite themselves. Well, at the same time it was just a matter of time, the brands having understood that surfing the trend was an almost infallible guarantee of success. What do you want, we can't get enough of these magical creatures! This time it is therefore the Ritter Sport brand which is launching with a unicorn chocolate bar.

White chocolate, raspberry and blackcurrant

The unicorn chocolate is made from white chocolate (logical!), yogurt and for the touches of color, raspberry and blackcurrant were chosen. Yum ! Chocolate and unicorns is the (necessarily?) winning combo imagined by Ritter Sport (which is not often wrong in the flavors it offers). Besides, it did not fail:these treats sold like hot cakes and are practically impossible to find today. At the same time, the brand had chosen to produce them in a (very) limited edition (we are not even sure that they were available in France!). Result:only a few lucky ones had the chance to taste it. Well, we hope that the brand will hear our calls and produce more of these little wonders, so that we too can enjoy ourselves!