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For Baby:The Delicious Vegetable Bouillie with Gruyère at €0.77.

For Baby:The Delicious Vegetable Bouillie with Gruyère at €0.77.

For my baby, I want the best.

There's nothing like a good homemade porridge made from vegetables and Gruyère to stimulate his taste buds and give him everything he needs for his growth.

Baby will not be left out:if I cook with passion for the elders, the little ones will also have their first meals like adults!


1 portion, for a baby from 8 months

- 10 g of carrot

- 10 g of potatoes

- 10 g of leek

- 10 g of semolina

- 10 g Gruyère

- 20 cl of infant milk

- 1 knob of butter

How to

Preparation:10 min – Cooking 10 min.

1. I peel and wash my vegetables.

2. I cut them into small pieces and steam them for about 5 min.

3. Then I mix them or mash them finely with a fork.

4. I heat my milk in a saucepan and add my semolina.

5. I mix and cook for 4 min.

6. I add my mixed vegetables to my preparation, add a knob of butter and my finely grated cheese.

7. Let cool for a few moments before serving.

Bonus Tip

You don't have a steam cooker or a babycook?

Have the microwave reflex! Ideal for quick cooking, your vegetables will love it and baby puree will be just as tasty and easy to prepare.

Depending on the season, have fun varying the vegetables:green beans, zucchini, pumpkin, spinach...

What Cost?

1 carrot:about 125 g at €0.80 per kilo, i.e. €0.10
1 special steam potato:about 80 g at €1.20 per kilo, i.e. €0.10
1 white leek:around 100 g at €4.80 per kilo, i.e. €0.48
10 g of semolina:€1.98 per kilo, i.e. €0.02
10 g of Gruyère:€6.90 per kilo, i.e. €0.07

That's a delicious porridge at €0.77 and, as I'll have a few pieces of vegetables left, I'm cooking a little more to freeze for the next few times!